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National Honor Society
Left to right (Rebekah Reno, Vlad Alvarez, Eathan Allsup, Katie Nichols)
7th Grade Robotics/Technology Class
High School State Engineering competition
Secondary Student Council
National School Choice Week; Secondary teachers.
G.A.T.E. presentation of "Images of Greatness"
Elementary Play
Our elementary ballroom team took home gold ribbons!
Back row: Rachel Reno, Daniel Ford, Tess Riser, Raquel Jensen
Front row: Hallee Randall, Sienna Imes, Calvin Espinoza
Please watch for stories written by these students in the Daily Herald in "Our Towns" section of the paper and online on the newspaper's website under Community News between Dec. 24th and Jan. 3rd.
Gifts from hands, minds and hearts.
USSA State Champs 2014
Fifth Grade science