We are a charter school focused on the pursuit of happiness for your child.
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What’s a Charter School?

In Utah Country, your child's private school can be as unique as them.

About Freedom Prep

As one of the best private schools in Utah County, Freedom Prep provides students and parents with unprecedented connections, experience and instruction that will inspire each student along their pursuit of happiness.


A common misconception is that charter schools are tuition based, but unlike private schools, charter school are available at no cost.

Smaller Classrooms

At Freedom Prep, the teachers and administration know your child by name and teach according to their needs.


Unlike public schools, our classrooms are full of innovative technology that facilitate learning and prepare students for the future.


Tired of your voice being ignored? At Freedom Prep, we take to heart our duty to accommodate and teach on an individual basis.

Our Schools

With three private school locations here in Utah County, we strive day-in and day-out to prepare each student for an ever-changing future.  Every student is different, and difference is something that we embrace.

There is no such thing as a student that is too advanced or too behind. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art resources ensure that the world of each student will expand, and that they will gain confidence and experience to reach their goals.

Our Faculty

We believe that attentive staff and adapted instruction can make all the difference in the lives of our students. Our private school is unique in that we view our students as tomorrow’s leaders and problem-solvers, and this can be seen on a daily basis through the way our staff interacts with each student.





Our Campuses

We've got a few campuses across the county