Freedom Prep Academy

Completing Registration

  • All New FPVA Students: Go to Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the “Virtual School Registration” button, find the Home Language Survey and complete and submit it online.
  • All Students Not Previously enrolled at an FPA Campus: Take a picture of both your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunization Record and send them to:
  • All Kindergarten Students: Take a picture of your child’s’ Vision Screening and send it to If your child did not receive a vision screening at their 5-year old doctor appointment, you can take the attached form to your doctor and have them complete the vision screening there, and then send in a picture of the form.
  • 7th Grade Students: Get your two 7th grade booster shots, 1) the Tdap booster2) the meningococcal booster. Then take a picture of these booster shot records, and send them to