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Provo Secondary
Our Team

Sixth Grade

Buddy Ivie


Matt Fullmer

Assistant Principal

Sixth Grade

Kathryn Bichsel

BS-Secondary Social Science Composite-BYU, Elementary Education Endorsement

Elizabeth Bowers

BS Elementary Education (Utah State University), Level 2 Mathematics Endorsement

Janiece LeDuc

BS - Elementary Education -Idaho State University - M.ED - Curric. & Instruction, Area of Emphasis - General Science

Annadee Morgan

BA - French and Theater (BYU Provo) MA - Education (U of P), Level 2 (1-6)

Lindsey Shelley

Vanessa Felsch


Lindsay Ruiz


BA-Visual Arts MA-Art Education - BYU

Sarah Brinton


BFA Studio Art with Art Education Licensure (Brigham Young University), French Language Proficiency Certificate

Sam Walker

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

John Teuscher

Technology and Engineering

BS - Technology Teacher Education - The Brigham Young University<br />

Alexis Puglisi

Digital Media

BS — Technology and Engineering Education — BYU, Level 2, CTE, Multimedia, Commercial Photography, Commercial Art

Jenny Schmutz

Digital Media

BS- Technology and Engineering Education - BYU, CTE, Multimedia, Commercial Photography, Computer Science (in progress)

Jenny Butcherite


BS-Family & Consumer Science EDU (CTE/General) - BYU<br />

Kristen Dobenbier


BS-Family & Consumer Science EDU (CTE/General) - BYU General Financial Literacy


Lori Barry

BA-English (CSUS)

Wendy Wishart

MA - English (Weber State University) BA -Major -English, Minor -Psychology (SUU)

Scott Stringham

BS Theatre Arts Education, Minor English Education (UVU); BA Theatre Arts (UVU); AA English/Literature (UVU)

Chris Snyder

Kari Allsup

Ann Bayles

Foreign Language

Jaylin Rogers


Donna Scordari


BA-English (BYU); MA-Second Language Teaching, French Emphasis (BYU)

Trudy Owens

Mandarin Chinese

Joseph Ponczoch


BA Classical Studies (BYU), MA Comparative Literature (BYU), MA Classics (UT-Austin)

Clark Stephens


Tina Hansen

Shay Wallace

Trevor Jones

BS-Mathematic Education, Mathematics-BYU

Devon Calles

Felicity Knight

BS- Biology ED, BS- Botany, BS - Mathematics education - SUU, Biology, Math, Earth Science


Kyra Driscoll

BM Music Education, Choral Emphasis BYU

Jay Roberts

BM Music Education, Choral Emphasis BYU

Physical Education

Cameron Koford

BS Physical Education

Sandra Marks

Laura Frisby



Shelby Spainhower

BS - Biological Science Education (BYU), Biology, General Science

Kevin Mitchell

BS- Biology BYU Mid Level science

Dr. Alvin Echeverria

ED.D-Instructional Leadership--Nova Southeastern, TESOL

William Harding

BS, BYU, Biology & Chemistry. MA, University of Colorado, Education, Level 2, Secondary Science, K-12 Administration

Social Studies

Buddy Ivie, M.ED

Bruno Flores

Tara Allen

Spencer Wilde

BS History Minors in Russian and Political Science, Teaching License (UVU), Composite Social Studies Endorsement, Level 2 Teaching License


Scott Stringham

BS Theatre Arts Education, Minor English Education (UVU); BA Theatre Arts (UVU); AA English/Literature (UVU)


Lindsay Ruiz


Adriana Olvera

Student Government

Kim Flewallen

Jonathan Kano

Special Education

Amanda Rees

Daniela Alvarez

Special Education Secretary

Julia Nielsen

Special Education Director

Elizabeth Hawkins

Erika Call