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Vineyard Elementary
Our Team


Tori Walker

BS Early Childhood Education, ESL

Jennifer Lane

BS-Elementary Education

First Grade

Jenna Cabe

BS-Elementary Education k-8

Michele Heiner

BS Early Childhood Education

Deanna Bingham

BS-Early Childhood Education Pre-K-3

Second Grade

Stacy Hjorth

BS-Elementary Education

Jennifer Young

BS Elementary Education 1-8

Third Grade

Stefanie daSilva

BS-Elementary Education

Tiffany Westover

BS-Elementary Education

Melissa Hancock

Fourth Grade

Lindsey Bradford

BS Elementary Education 1-6, ESL

Audrey Anne Robinson

BS - Elementary Education K-6 BYU, Level 1 ESL

Fifth Grade

Katy Hagberg

BS- Elementary Education 1-8, Level 2 Mathematics

Carrie Banfield

BA Early Elementary Education

Specialty Teachers

Annie Anderson


BA Visual Art, Art Education K-12

Sharlene Evans


BS Psychology, Level 1 and Level 2 License

Shannalee Baird


BME K-12

Jana Da Silva

Physical Education