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“Meet the Freedom Prep Academy Governing Board” 

  • Cary McConnell – Chief Administrative Officer
  • Robert Merrill –  Chief Financial Officer –
  • Paul Baltes – Board Member –
  • Thomas Chan – Board Member –
  • Jay Garlock – Board Member –                                                                                                                                                                               Click here to view Board Member Bios

Governing Board Qualifications

  1. Be familiar with the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence and understand the curriculum used in Spalding and Saxon Math.
  2. Be in agreement with the educational philosophy, discipline policy, and administrative structure of Freedom Academy.
  3. Attend at least two Parent/Teacher Organization meetings a year to show support and encouragement for this vital aspect of the school. The Academy board members will not serve on the PTO board. However, Academy board members may chair and serve on PTO committees.
  4. Prior board experience is helpful but not necessary. However, a high level of professionalism and a strong desire for the success of the school is expected. The motivation for serving on the board should be to help guarantee the educational success of students.
  5. All directors are required to attend a yearly board conference during which: the goals of the board are defined, a board self-evaluation is critiqued, outside speakers present information on effective board leadership, and other pertinent topics are discussed.
  6. The board members will annually attend a “Board Visit Day” at the school. During this time, board members will visit classrooms, talk with the staff and become familiar with current school concerns.
  7. The board members will conduct an annual self-evaluation. Goals for the next year will also be determined at that time.
  8. Board members should fulfill their responsibilities on the board, board committees or subcommittees to their fullest capability.
  9. All board members are expected to be the best public relations representatives the school has.
  10. The board member elected to the Treasurer’s position should have a strong financial background, including experience in education or budget management, personnel management, and conflict resolution.
  11. The board member elected to the Vice-President of Education’s position should have experience in education.
  12. The board member elected to the Chief Administrative Officer’s position should have extensive experience in general business administration, budget management, personnel management, and conflict resolution.

The Governing Board(GB) is a vital part of what makes Freedom Academy different. The ability to govern ourselves is a tremendous responsibility and a tremendous opportunity. GB elections are held annually in November.

The GB meets quarterly. Check the calendar for meeting times. An agenda will be on the website as well as on the front doors 24 hours in advance. Board meetings are open to the public. Parents are encouraged to attend. The purpose of these meetings is to allow the GB to conduct school business. Usually, the board will not be able to address issues brought forward during the meeting. However, time is allotted for public comment at each meeting. Comments will be limited to two minutes.

The GB welcomes and invites your input at anytime. In the case of a grievance, we hope you will approach staff first. If the issue cannot be resolved, please submit your concerns to the board in writing, preferably via email at gboard at

Each GB Officer will serve a five-year term (following the initial term). The positions are elected in a staggered rotation, with approximately two seats elected each year.

The Governing Board is responsible to oversee the school. Board responsibilities include executing the Freedom Academy vision, fostering relationships with staff and the school community, and overseeing the budget.

The Freedom Academy Governing Board is committed to the traditional school format, the charter school concept, and to using the Core Knowledge curriculum. In addition to their duties of attending board meetings and accomplishing assigned tasks, board members do significant reading and attend an annual leadership conference to orient and recommit to the school’s philosophy.

The Freedom Academy charter provides for representative governance which mandates responsiveness to constituent (parent) concerns. If parents feel that any board member is not performing in the school’s best interest, a recall provision is written into the charter. We believe this provides continuity to maintain the founders’ original vision, allows adequate parental control over a child’s education, and includes sufficient flexibility to cope with necessary, inevitable changes.

Additional meeting agendas and minutes may be found at Public Notice Website (

Hard copies of Governing Board meeting minutes are available upon request – Contact Tracey Noonan at

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