We are a charter school focused on the pursuit of happiness for your child.
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Our charter schools help students rise to the challenge of achieving their personal best.

Every student is gifted. In partnership with parents, we inspire our students to discover and develop their individual gifts.

Despite the prevailing entitlement culture, our students thrive by accepting responsibility for reaching their goals.

Voted Utah County’s Best K-12 School

Free public charter school with locations in Provo and Vineyard.

Academic Rigor

We help students learn how to solve hard problems by taking a hands-on approach. Our proven curriculum produces great results when students do the work with support from their parents. Of course, our one-on-one instruction helps, too.

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Character Development

Beyond college and career preparation, we also help students develop good character traits and leadership skills. We teach principles from “Seven Habits” and “Love & Logic” and afford students the opportunity to lead projects and teams.

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Emotional Safety

We create an emotionally safe learning environment so students feel like they belong. Having students wear uniforms helps them concentrate on their schoolwork instead of making social comparisons and we don’t tolerate bullying of any kind.

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Talented, Caring, Committed Teachers

Our teachers are licensed professionals who know and apply the best teaching principles. They learn students’ names and seek to understand and address each student’s unique needs.

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A Personalized Learning Experience

How do you define success for your student? We take time to understand your goals and partner with you to design a personalized learning pathway that will help your child get where she wants to go.

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Technology-Enabled Classrooms

Our teachers use technology to help students progress at their own pace. However, we believe that technology should support teacher-led learning, not replace it.

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Three Schools, One Purpose

In response to increased demand, Freedom Prep now operates three beautiful schools, with one more coming to the St George area in 2021!

Our Provo campus is home to a K-5 elementary school and a 60,000-square-foot secondary school serving grades 6-12.

We also have a K-5 elementary school in Vineyard, one of Utah Valley’s fastest-growing areas.

Unified administrators, faculty and staff members work as one to prepare all students to succeed in all aspects of life.

Core Values

Provo Elementary

Provo Elementary

Provo Secondary


Vineyard Elementary

Vineyard Elementary

New campus in Washington County coming in Fall 2021!

Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash

Nutrition Matters

Eating healthy foods gives students the energy and focus they need to succeed in the classroom. That’s why we plan and prepare nutritionally balanced lunch-time meals that taste good and encourage good eating habits.

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Smaller Class Sizes

Having smaller class sizes gives teachers the opportunity to tailor the learning experience to meet students’ specific needs. Differences are good. We strive to help each student feel confident in their abilities to make real progress.

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In the News

Freedom Prep's charter schools are an active part of the communities they serve.