Freedom Prep Academy

Child Nutrition

Freedom Preparatory Academy School Meals
NEW CHANGE OF PLAN beginning March 23.

You may now pick up FREE breakfast AND lunch for all children at the same time in Vineyard, regardless of income status.

New Time for pickup – 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. M-F

FREE MEALS FOR ALL CHILDREN 1-18 YEARS OF AGE (or senior in high school.)

We received our waiver to allow you to make only one trip to the Vineyard campus per day. We will provide two meals per child at that time. One of the meals may have some instructions for heating in the microwave for later.

The Grab & Go meals provided at our Vineyard campus are served curbside on the north side of the building outside of the cafeteria near the playground. Drive around the back of the school entering from the east side.

Remember the Healthy Recipe Contest is still going! This will be a fun and educational activity with your children during the closure. Use the attached form to submit a healthy recipe. There will be prizes awarded to winners and we will serve some of the entries for school lunch when we come back.

Please submit recipes to

If you do not want to drive to Vineyard, you may go to any approved school for free meals whether you attend that school or not. Check with the district or charter school of your choice to see if and when they are serving. The Provo Freedom Prep schools will NOT be providing meals as the Provo School District schools (including Independence High next to the secondary campus) are serving. (As of now, Provo School District times are 8-9 a.m. and 11-12 a.m.)