Freedom Prep Academy

Please read the entire page and bullet points before selecting the application button.

Freedom Prep Academy has the following schools that are open for application:

Provo Campus            

                                     K-5th grade –    

                                      AM & PM half day kindergarten – no charge

                                       Full day needs-based kindergarten – If you sign up for full day kindergarten, your child will take an                                            assessment to determine program qualification.   If your child does not qualify, they will be placed                                              in a half day kindergarten class.  The full day class is primarily for low academic student and this is                                            no charge.

                                    Middle School            6th – 8th grade

                                    High School                9th  –  12th grade

Vineyard Campus      K-5th grade

                                 AM & PM  half day kindergarten – no charge

                                  Full day kindergarten – $275/month

St. George Campus     K-5th grade –

                                  Full day kindergarten – no charge

Virtual Academy         K  –  12th grade     

Currenty accepting applications at all schools.m