Freedom Prep Academy


Communicating with Teachers

All of our teachers hold professional teaching certificates from the State of Utah. You will be able to communicate with through Canvas, a course management system for online learning, and email. Elementary teachers will share their set office hours with you. Secondary teachers will schedule online appointments with you as needed. Students and/or parents should read, review and reply to messages on Canvas and in school emails on a daily basis.

Have additional questions? Give us a call at 801-822-2668

School Calendar.

Elementary and Secondary-The FPVA calendar will generally be the same as the regular FPA School calendars located on our website. You will be notified if anything changes.

State Assessments.

Elementary and Secondary-State Assessments will remain the same as those required for regular face-to-face courses, and students will need to come to the school at designated times according to the state testing window schedules in order to be proctored by FPVA instructors as they take these tests.

IEP and 504 Plans.

All IEP, 504 or ELL accommodations will be coordinated through FPA’s SPED Department, and through 504 and ELL Coordinators. All online assignments and assessments can be adjusted as required for individual students as needed

Helpful Resources

Zoom Information

From time to time we will have FPVA Parent Meetings on Zoom. The link for these meetings is the “Live Zoom Link” below.  We will record these meetings and post them here with the date for your future reference.