Freedom Prep Academy



Elementary K-5

Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies will utilize the Edgenuity/Accelerate curriculum.  P.E., Art, Music and Tech Activities will also be included in your child’s curriculum



Following is a link that will take you to the Edgenuity Course List. * FPA students’ required and elective courses may be selected from all but the final page in this course list. 

* All secondary elective courses are dependent on availability of teachers with the needed credentials. Our counselors will reach out to you if you have selected an elective course with no available teacher. Please have back-up options in mind for your selected elective courses.

Here is the course catalog link that explains the courses further:


AP Courses

High school students will have access to a wider variety of Advanced Placement and other advanced courses, many of which we have never been able to offer before.


Social Opportunities Offered

There will be opportunities for grade level field trips, extra-curricular activities, and service projects designed to bring students together. Activities may also be held at any one of our Utah campuses. Parents of online students may be asked to volunteer as chaperones.

Dropping, Changing or Retaking Courses.

Students may only drop or change courses within the first six days of the course unless a teacher requests the change. Students who fail to complete courses will receive a failing grade, unless there are extenuating circumstances. High school students may be required to retake failed courses to meet graduation requirements.

K-8 FPVA students need to understand that once a student has registered for an online seat, it is generally a full, year-long commitment. However, if a student changes her/his mind and decides he/she would rather move to face-to-face course that will be considered after the first semester depending on spaces available and administrative approval.

9-12 FPVA students should also plan on at least a full semester commitment. Depending on spaces available, students may be able to move to face-to-face courses at the semester with administrative approval.

Have additional questions? Give us a call at 801-822-2668