Freedom Prep Academy


A Commitment of Rigor and Time.

While virtual school offers much more flexibility in the time and place selected to complete student school work, the courses offered at FPVA have the same rigor and time commitment as regular face-to-face courses.


Every school day, students can expect to complete between 3-6 hours of focused learning time. An adult “learning coach,” usually the parent or guardian, will need to supervise student learning in the home. The adult learning coach needs to be able to help their student(s) stay on task, resolve problems, answer questions, and in the younger grades read or help explain content as needed.

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Adult Learning Coach Manual:

Minimal Semester Commitment.

K-8 FPVA students need to understand that once a student has registered for an online seat, it is generally a full, year-long commitment. However, if a student changes her/his mind and decides he/she would rather move to face-to-face course that will be considered after the first semester depending on spaces available and administrative approval
9-12 FPVA students should also plan on at least a full semester commitment. Depending on spaces available, students may be able to move to face-to-face courses at the semester with administrative approval.

Parent-Student Agreement.

It will be expected that parents and students involved in the FPVA online learning program sign an agreement setting-up household rules that establish solid student learning routines. Creating an effective home learning environment is critical to student success with online classes. Household rules and routines will need to be developed and followed. Students should have a quiet place to work that is relatively free of distractions. Families who sign up for the online program will be signing an agreement to create a home environment that will give students the best opportunity for success and committing to support their student’s learning.

Device and Other Materials.

Elementary and Secondary-School owned devices will be available to check-out as-needed, but it is encouraged to have your own quality computer/device and WIFI connection. Any workbooks needed will be provided.